Friday, June 11, 2010

Landlord in a Stew about Rhubarb Coloured Apartment

The pink and green of rhubarb brings back wonderful memories of my first apartment.
I shared this apartment with two great girls - all three of us -  20 years old and fresh St. Francis Xavier University graduates. I had lived at home during university, so I was over the top excited about the new pad!

The connection to pink and green comes in when we asked the landlord to flip for the paint so we could 'freshen up the place'. Mr. Hayman said 'sure - just keep it neutral'.
Well...neutral to a middle aged businessman is not the same as neutral to three 20 year olds .

We skipped off to the paint store and picked up cans of bubblegum pink, pistachio green and passionate purple. Pink walls, green cupboards, pink living room, purple bedroom.......neutral, right?
Wow, it was great! And what fun we had that year!
I don't believe we got our damage deposit back though -

                            The Three Roommates - circa 1986, Halifax

Neutral .... one thing we should never be neutral about is our health!
Without good health - we have nothing. We need to take great care of our bodies with unprocessed, real food, physical activity, good rest, and balance.

Most people are not neutral about rhubarb - either they really like it or they can't stand it.
Rhubarb is a great vegetable - yes, botanically it is a vegetable! It is known to be a cleanser, a stimulant for the liver and digestive system, and a good source of Vitamin A, Potassium and Calcium.

Rhubarb crisps, pies, muffins - love them all - but most of all good old fashioned stewed rhubarb.


Wash and cut the rhubarb stems into 1 inch pieces -
Put 6 cups of diced rhubarb into a medium saucepan.

TIP: Put the rest of the diced rhubarb into freezer bags and freeze for up to 6 months.

Add about 2 tbsp of water and about 3 tbsp of sugar to the saucepan.
(Now, I like my stewed rhubarb to be tart so that my lips pucker a little when I take a bite - you may want it a little sweeter...but wait till it has stewed, then taste it and adjust sweetening at that time.)

TIP: You can also use honey, or other fruit such as apple or strawberries as a sweetener in stewed rhubarb.

Add a little grated ginger or some grated orange peel if desired.

Stir the rhubarb occasionally as it cooks, uncovered, over medium heat until it softens - oooohhh about 10 minutes. When it has softened, cover, lower heat and let it cook a few minutes longer.

Taste and adjust sweetening to suit your taste.
Can be enjoyed warm or cold. Store covered in the fridge.

I love stewed rhubarb with plain yogurt and homemade granola for breakfast! (I have come up with a great granola recipe - would you like me to blog on that?)

I wonder if Mr. Hayman likes rhubarb?? Or perhaps the pink and greenness makes him shudder.....

                                     Elaine and Edie 25 years later!
                            (Third roomie, Deirdre lives in Ontario)

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