Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fast and Easy Black Bean Burritos

Fast and easy meant something entirely different in high school - but at this stage we are referring to a healthy,delicious meal; ready in under 30 minutes.

These Black Bean Burritos are perfect for those rainy days that your dog rolls herself over decaying animal remains. Yes, THOSE days...

I used leftover brown rice, store-bought salsa and canned black beans - (Eden has cans without BPA).

Heat a large pan and add a glug of olive oil.
Saute sliced onions and smashed garlic cloves. ( just peel and smash them with the side of my chef's knife - palm on knife, push down.)
Add some sweet peppers - any colour.

Saute and then stir in cooked rice, salsa and beans. Add a little hot sauce, if desired.
Heat oven to 375

When heated through. Place a large tortilla in a lightly oiled baking pan with sides. Fill it with about 3/4 cup of the bean rice mixture and roll it up tightly. Keep filling those tortillas, chicka

Fill a couple of tortillas (tucking in sides before you roll them up) and wrap them to have for lunches!!

Spread a little more salsa on top, and a little grated cheese.
Bake in oven until cheese melts


 It looked prettier in real life...

Bella enjoying the pleasant smells of Spring!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Release....Leftover Salmon and Penne Pasta

I do believe Spring has sprung in Nova Scotia!

And with Earth Day coming - time to reduce, reuse and recycle!

REDUCE: Bella doesn't need all of that 'fluff for the summer:


These shoes - honestly.... Where did I think I was going? Worn once...and I felt overdressed for the occasion. Anyway, REUSE....... by someone else.

How about the clothes Will has outgrown - cute plaid shorts and his ski jacket from two years ago - REUSE ... by a sweet little neighbour.

  I wanted to 'clean out the larder' before my next grocery trip, so came up with this simple meal. Granted, it should have had more veggies or a salad for more nutrition - but we are reducing here folks!
This dish is similar to the last post, forgive me - but it is such a simple and delicious meal that follows the 'cook once, eat twice' I decided to share it.
The salmon was cooked and enjoyed with ample veggies the night before. It had been a piece too large for one meal, so the leftovers went in the fridge to be RECYCLED into a new dish.

Salmon, Peas and Penne Pasta

1. Cook the pasta until almost dente, add a lot of frozen peas to the pot for the last 3 minutes or so.

2. Drain pasta and peas

3. Add pesto, as I did, or a nice drizzle of olive oil, lemon juice, freshly ground pepper and a dash or two of salt.

4. Add slivers of cooked salmon.

5. Toss gently and grate fresh parmesan on top.

After scanning the house for anything else that was neither functional nor beautiful - I looked outside to the backyard. How long has it been since the boys and neighbours have played on the swingset? Can it really be a year...or maybe even two? It seemed that those days would never end - where did the time go??
Feeling 'tres' sentimental, I remind myself that we want them to grow up and become responsible, independent adults. Wouldn't I be worried if they still wanted to hang out with me and play on the swing set? So this is good - they are 'cutting the apron strings',becoming independent and forming their own interests and opinions (opposite of mine, no matter what I say!) Lauchlin will be driving in the next couple of months. In the eyes of a parent, it just doesn't seem possible that their baby will drive away from them... on their own! - Take a look at this commercial

Neighbours down the street with two wonderfully lively little girls wanted the swing set! When the Dad came to load it onto a trailer, I try to warn him how fast this stage goes by - he tells me how busy he is keeping them fed, active and engaged - I know, I know, I remember....but it goes so fast....RELEASE....

There goes the swing set...RELEASE