Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fast and Easy Black Bean Burritos

Fast and easy meant something entirely different in high school - but at this stage we are referring to a healthy,delicious meal; ready in under 30 minutes.

These Black Bean Burritos are perfect for those rainy days that your dog rolls herself over decaying animal remains. Yes, THOSE days...

I used leftover brown rice, store-bought salsa and canned black beans - (Eden has cans without BPA).

Heat a large pan and add a glug of olive oil.
Saute sliced onions and smashed garlic cloves. ( just peel and smash them with the side of my chef's knife - palm on knife, push down.)
Add some sweet peppers - any colour.

Saute and then stir in cooked rice, salsa and beans. Add a little hot sauce, if desired.
Heat oven to 375

When heated through. Place a large tortilla in a lightly oiled baking pan with sides. Fill it with about 3/4 cup of the bean rice mixture and roll it up tightly. Keep filling those tortillas, chicka

Fill a couple of tortillas (tucking in sides before you roll them up) and wrap them to have for lunches!!

Spread a little more salsa on top, and a little grated cheese.
Bake in oven until cheese melts


 It looked prettier in real life...

Bella enjoying the pleasant smells of Spring!

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  1. Edie,
    There is a restaurant in coastal Maine named "El El Frijoles". Your scrumptious bean dish reminded me of it. The red peppers add so much color.